Ads by BetterSurf (removal tool)

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This is the guide that will help you get rid of BetterSurf adware from your system. The hazardous plot of all adware applications is to promote all kinds of products and services in order to get benefit and earnings for doing this. The bad thing with this specific adware is that it often gets forcibly installed into a particular computer, without making it visible enough for users that this program is being installed into PC by default. Use these instructions to get rid of BetterSurf adware from your workstation.

Brought by BetterSurf

Ads by BetterSurf typically get displayed in the form of some advertisement banners. Yet, in many cases they may show up as special pop-ups, being powered by Intext Nav-Links adware engine. Also, they’re closely related to popups previously reviewed by us.

BetterSurf is most likely brought to computers when users download and install some free utilities they have found online. The peculiarity is that such free programs are often bundled with the installer of BetterSurf program. The setup wizard quite openly indicates this fact, however, sometimes users simply fail to read the installation guidelines carefully. As a consequence, this all gives some surprises after users open their browser next time, and they suddenly face a lot of popping up ads.

The aim of BetterSurf adware is to earn money for its proprietors by showing all kinds of paid ads on behalf of many companies. If you aren’t satisfied with the presence of BetterSurf on your system and would like to remove it, then please follow the guidelines set forth below. If you have any problems please contact us via decent comments which are always welcome.

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