scam (Virus Warning Alert)

Start spreading the news! is a website engaged in distribution of Virus Warning Alert scary message through the majority of browsers operating in Mac OS X environment. The pop-ups therefore may appear in Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, even though most often they will pop up in Apple Safari. scam

The purpose of pop-up is to scare you with a lot of faulty information. You will be told to make a phone call to fake Mac Support Helpline via 808-725-3285 number. When you do so, you will hear people who will present themselves as some Apple employees who are supposedly going to help you in fixing your computer troubles. Please do not listen to their misleading suggestions! They’re not related to genuine Mac Support. So, here is the example of scary alert coming from website:

Virus Warning Alert
Virus Alert
Mac Support Helpline: 808-725-3285
System Alert
Your Computer is infected with an adware or malware causing you to see this popup.
This may happen due to obsolete virus protections.
To fix, please call system support at 808-725-3285 immediately. Please ensure you do not restart your computer to prevent data loss.
Possibility of Data & Identity theft, if not fixed immediately.
Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.

Most likely these pop-ups are spread with the participation of some disgusting adware currently running in your Mac PC. Of course, you could get such pop-ups simply as a result of clicking on some malicious links in the web. However, in case this is a multiple occurrence, these pop-ups are caused by some unwanted application enabled in your system.

There are many ways today through which hackers want to gain money from you. This pop-up you see in your Mac computer right now is one of these illegal methods used by them to collect money from scared users. Hopefully, you will rather listen to our admonitions not to click on these messages.

In case you’ve encountered this scam from domain, don’t hurry up to call that fake Mac Support Helpline at 808-725-3285. Simply shut down this window. If you can’t do that, you might need to apply “Force Quit” command and stop the process of your browser. Use “Option – Command – Esc” hotkey for this purpose. Select your running browser and force quit it.

Force Quit command in Mac OS X

Finally, check your available applications in Mac computer. If you find anything suspicious, trash it. Also, disable and remove any third-party add-ons (extensions) from your browsers. In any case, do not call this 808-725-3285 telephone number controlled by hackers.