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If you’ve seen website in the homepage of your browser this means that it has been brutally hijacked. This guide will help you to remove and fix the problem of search engine redirection through this particular domain. virus

What is a browser hijacker, by the way? The program that makes your search start with website rightfully belongs to this category. A program is considered as browser hijacker when it amends the homepage settings of your browser to make it start with some other website related to it, instead of Google, Bing or Yahoo search (or other search engine which is legitimate). Furthermore, browser hijacker generally modifies your search results by redirecting your search queries through its related website as well. No doubt, all such amendments are not welcome by users who are accustomed to some particular way of looking for the information they need. So, when something unusual happens and their browser gets hijacked as described above, they’re sort of a surprised how in the world this unwanted amendment could occur. No doubt, they’re in search for the solution that will help them fix this issue and get back to the initial settings of their default browser, which has been affected by browser hijacker.

If you have a problem of your homepage hijacked and replaced by, then you definitely need to fix this issue. Furthermore, not only the homepage settings have been amended. As we’ve said, your search queries are also permanently redirected through website. To repair your PC from the negative impact caused by this browser hijacker we recommend you to follow the removal instructions provided in the rest of this article. Keep in mind that these repair procedures imply scanning of your PC with a reliable antivirus software, removal of all detected potentially unwanted files and registry entries, and resetting your browsers after the attack of browser hijacker. virus automatic removal tool:

Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer

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  1. Scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to identify all forms of malwares residing on your computer.
  2. As soon as the scan is completed click “Apply” to delete all detected infections related to this specific browser hijacker.
  3. Shut down all your browsers which were attacked with this hijacker.
  4. In Trojan Killer’s open window click “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“:
  5. tk_tools_reset_browser_settings

  6. Specify which particular browsers you want to be reset and what exactly you want to be reset:
  7. tk_reset_browser_details

  8. Once your choice has been made click “Reset browser settings” again.
  9. If you still have any problems related to presence on your PC, please get in touch with us through the support button in the interface of Trojan Killer program for extra help.