Istart 5.3.2 (Fast Start) removal guide

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Istart 5.3.2, also known as Fast Start, is a special add-on (extension) for Mozilla Firefox browser. Most often it is added to Mozilla Firefox simultaneously with adding certain browser hijacker into it. For example, this add-on is often integrated with MyStartSearch, Omniboxes and other browser hijackers of similar origin. In this guide we will help you to remove Istart 5.3.2 from this browser manually and for free.

Istart 5.3.2 (Fast Start)
Istart 5.3.2 (Fast Start)

First of all, not that the majority of third-party add-ons and browser hijackers are brought to PCs when users download and install various free programs. They’re by default bundled with all sorts of unwanted extras, such as adware or browser hijackers. In order to avoid these additional extras from being installed into your computer by default you need to be careful when installing freeware. Make sure you alway read the EULAs (End User License Agreements) of all free programs you install into your PC. If you read about certain adware or browser hijacker to be suggested for you to become the part of your browser,make sure you switch to the advanced or custom installation mode where you may uncheck these additional applications from being installed into your PC by default.

Users who fail to be duly attentive during freeware installation often end up bringing various adware programs, browser hijackers and strange add-ons (extensions) into their browsers. Istart 5.3.2 is just one of them. Once it is added you will start facing strange Fast Start when opening new tab of Mozilla Firefox browser. No matter how many times you attempt to open new blank tab, you will see Fast Start instead.

In order to fix this problem with your browser you need to uninstall Istart 5.3.2 from it. We’ve prepared a special video guide explaining how to do it in Mozilla Firefox browser. Please watch this video carefully. If you need more help on how to fix your browser, please get in touch with us at any time. We will do all our best to help you the best we can in fixing your browser.

Video explaining manual (free) removal of Istart 5.3.2 from Mozilla Firefox: