Obrona Cleaner Uninstall Instructions

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Obrona Cleaner claims of itself as some superb system optimization utility that pretends scanning your system to detect faulty configuration parameters and general operation problems. In fact, however, this application is simply yet another scam that reports trouble-free configuration parameters as problematic for the purpose of scaring you into buying the full version of this application. Upon the first launching in your system, Obrona Cleaner will produce quite a loud siren sound and then commence its fake scanning of your system supposedly to identify some computer issues. Note that during its very first run in your computer it will mention that it will not reveal the report to you unless you specify your email address in the respective field. It is uncertain at this time what is the real purpose of you submitting your email address to them. Yet, we recommend you not to specify any email addresses you most commonly use in your daily work with computer. Simply click on the “X” button in the email request pop-up window. Then you will face a report indicating various genuine and helpful configuration parameters reported by Obrona Cleaner as harmful to your PC. Then this program tells you to buy its full version. Needless to say, you must not trust any information presented by it. Of course, you must stay away from purchasing it.

Obrona Cleaner
Obrona Cleaner

Obrona Cleaner is known for creating various tasks in the Windows Task Sheduler for the purpose of bypassing Windows UAC prompts, also referred to as User Account Control prompts. After successful installation the application creates a special task nominated as ObronaCleanerUacSkip and Startup Time Check. They are used for launching the application without showing UAC prompts. We can’t really tell you why exactly its developers enabled this option. However, if a program tries to bypass Windows security notifications it is surely a reason to be concerned.

In spite of self-appraisal on the part of Obrona Cleaner, we definitely believe it isn’t the program you need for your PC. It was simply designed to trick you into buying its full registered version. We recommend that you carefully follow this tutorial below to get rid of all components of this application and any other related malicious programs. In case you need more help on our part, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Anti-malware tool necessary for Obrona Cleaner automatic removal

Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer

Similar removal video:

Detailed removal instructions

Step 1. Uninstalling Obrona Cleaner from the Control Panel of your computer.

Instructions for Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems:

  1. Make sure that all your browsers infected with Obrona Cleaner are shut down (closed).
  2. Click “Start” and go to the “Control Panel“:
  3. Start Control Panel in Windows

  4. In Windows XP click “Add or remove programs“:
  5. Add or remove programs in Windows XP

  6. In Windows Vista and 7 click “Uninstall a program“:
  7. Uninstall a program in Windows Vista and 7

  8. Uninstall Obrona Cleaner program from your PC. To do it, in Windows XP click “Remove” button related to it. In Windows Vista and 7 right-click on Obrona Cleaner with the PC mouse and click “Uninstall / Change“.

Instructions for Windows 8 operating system:

  1. Move the PC mouse towards the top right hot corner of Windows 8 screen, click “Search“:
  2. Windows 8 search

  3. Type “Uninstall a program“, then click “maSettings“:
  4. Uninstall a program in Windows 8

  5. In the left menu that has come up select “Uninstall a program“:
  6. Uninstall a program in Win 8

  7. Uninstall Obrona Cleaner program. To do it, in Windows 8 right-click the program with the PC mouse and click “Uninstall / Change“.

Step 2. Removing suspicious adware from the list of add-ons and extensions of your browser.

In addition to removal of Obrona Cleaner from the Control Panel of your PC as explained above, you also need to remove any suspicious adware from the add-ons or extensions of your browser. Please follow this guide for managing browser add-ons and extensions for more detailed information. Remove any items related to unwanted applications installed on your PC.

Step 3. Scanning your computer with reliable and effective security software for removal of all Obrona Cleaner remnants.

  • Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer through the download button below.
  • Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer
  • Install the program and scan your computer with it.
  • At the end of scan click “Apply” to remove all infections.
  • Important! It is also necessary that you reset your browsers with GridinSoft Trojan Killer after removal of this program. Shut down all your available browsers now.
  • In GridinSoft Trojan Killer click on “Tools” tab and select “Reset browser settings“:
  • tools_reset_browser_settings

  • Select which particular browsers you want to be reset and choose the reset options:
  • browser_reset_options

  • Finally, Click on “Reset” button.
  • You will receive the confirmation windows about browser settings reset successfully.
  • Reboot your PC now.

Technical information regarding Obrona Cleaner program:

Added files:

%Desktop%\OBRONA Cleaner.lnk
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\application.log
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\imageformats\
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\imageformats\qgif.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\imageformats\qico.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\install.log
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\libeay32.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\msvcp100.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\msvcr100.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\ObronaCleaner.exe
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\OpenHardwareMonitorConsole\
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\OpenHardwareMonitorConsole\OpenHardwareMonitorConsole.exe
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\OpenHardwareMonitorConsole\OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\platforms\
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\platforms\qwindows.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Qt5Core.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Qt5Gui.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Qt5Network.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Qt5Sql.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Qt5Widgets.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\sigar-x86-winnt.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\SkipUAC.exe
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\soundOnScanFinished.wav
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\ssleay32.dll
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\startupTime.exe
%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\Uninstaller.exe
%StartMenu%\Programs\OBRONA Cleaner\
%StartMenu%\Programs\OBRONA Cleaner\OBRONA Cleaner.lnk
%System%\Tasks\Startup Time Check

Added registry entries:

HKCU\Software\OBRONA\Obrona Cleaner
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tasks\{E4131981-A8CD-48B6-A491-C62B3E6546D2}
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\ObronaCleanerUacSkip
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Obrona Cleaner “%LocalAppData%\Obrona Cleaner\ObronaCleaner.exe” –autorun