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Please beware of website, which is extremely malicious. Today it has in mind to force you to download and install Mackeeper malicious application into your Mac OS X PC. We strongly urge you not to click on this pop-up windows and not to proceed with its malicious offers. scam

Typically this pop-up comes up after the PC is already infected with some nasty adware. It it true that even Mac PCs these days are vulnerable to adware and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). However, if you actually continue doing what this pop-up recommends you to do you may end up facing a lot of other malicious programs running in your computer. Mackeeper is one of them.

Once the pop-up from website appears you will see the following message:

Virus found.
A website you have visited today has infected your Mac with a virus. A full system scan is now required to find and remove harmful files or applications from your OS X 10.10 Yosemite device.
Virus found.
The last website you visited has infected your Mac with a virus.
Press OK to begin the repair process.
Device information:
Brand: Apple
Device: Mac, OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Browser: Savari 8
Provider: Time Warner Cable Internet Llc (ISP)
Location: California – US
Scan now

Later on, after you click on that “Scan now” button, you will see another message stating this:

Download required
Please download the Mackeeper application to remove Tapsnake from your Mac.
Virus information
Virus Name: Tapsnake
Risk: HIGH
Infected File: /os/apps/snake.icv
Virus Removal
Application: Mackeeper
Rating: 9.9/10
Price: Free

Tapsnake fake virus alert on Mac OS X

In fact, Mackeeper is a malicious application which acts pretty much like a rogue antispyware. It presents many fake alerts and forces users into paying for its full (registered) version. The message about Tapsnake virus is obviously a fake alert too. This is simply done to scare you into downloading and installing Mackeeper junk software. The only purpose of Mackeeper is not to help you making your PC clean, but rather to simply steal money from you. So, please don’t click on pop-ups. Instead, disregard their contents and follow the instructions rendered below to fix this issue.

Detailed instructions to get rid of pop-ups from your Mac OS X browsers:

In case you’ve encountered this scam from website, don’t hurry up to listen to what it “recommends” you to do. Simply shut down this window. If you can’t do that, you might need to apply “Force Quit” command and stop the process of your browser. Use “Option – Command – Esc” hotkey for this purpose. Select your running browser and force quit it.

Force Quit command in Mac OS X

Finally, check your available applications in Mac computer. If you find anything suspicious, trash it. Also, disable and remove any third-party add-ons (extensions) from your browsers. In any case, do not trust the contents of this scary alert controlled by hackers.