Remove Lightning SpeedDial from your browser

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Lightning SpeedDial is a browser hijacker, closely related to malicious programs, such as, and hijacks. If you have this viruses on your PC, then the chances are that opening new tab in your hijacked browser may give Lightning Speedial, instead of a blank tab. Sometimes you might see Lightning Newtab opened instead, which doesn’t really make any difference. In all of such cases your browser is hijacked and requires to be fixed. In this guide we will explain to you how to remove Lightning SpeedDial from your browser.

Lightning Speedial

The problem with Lightning SpeedDial (Lightning Newtab) presence in your browser is a universal issue for many PCs, by the way. This malware has been attacking many PCs and browser for several months already. This is a particular problem for browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Lightning Newtab or Lightning SpeedDial browser extension is typicaly spread together with many other free applications downloaded by users from various online resources. You need to be very careful when you install them. Always pay attention to what exactly is offered as a part of default installation. If you see any additional unwanted applications, please make sure that you uncheck such options. This is why you must always select the option of a custom installation, instead of the standard one.

In order to completely remove potentially unwanted programs, such as Lightning SpeedDial and Lightning Newtab from your PC, you will first need to uninstall these programs from the Control Panel of your computer:

  • Desk 365
  • awesomehp Browser Protecter
  • IePluginService12.27.0.3326
  • SupTab
  • WPM17.8.0.3325

These programs are mainly developed by Cherished Technology Limited, the Chinese company responsible for developent of many browser hijackers. The names of these programs in the Control Panel could be different, however, generally they will sound quite similar. On the other hand, this manual removal will not be enough to fix the issue. Another important step will be to scan your PC with a reliable security software and remove all infections it finds related to this malware. You will also need to reset your browser with the help of a security software we recommend for download below. All this is in all details explained in the rest of the article. Finally, pay attention to final tips on removing malware from your browser (as explained in additional video instructions).

This is the video guide that explains how to uninstall them from the Control Panel of your PC depending on the operating system installed on your computer:

If the information in the video hasn’t been clear to you, then please follow this tutorial below:

Step-by-step instructions to uninstall Lightning Speedial from the Control Panel of your PC.

Step 1. Uninstalling Lightning SpeedDial from the Control Panel of your computer.

Instructions for Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems:

  1. Make sure that all your browsers infected with Lightning Speedial are shut down (closed).
  2. Click “Start” and go to the “Control Panel“:
  3. Start Control Panel in Windows

  4. In Windows XP click “Add or remove programs“:
  5. Add or remove programs in Windows XP

  6. In Windows Vista and 7 click “Uninstall a program“:
  7. Uninstall a program in Windows Vista and 7

  8. Uninstall programs related to Lightning Speedial (those listed above). To do it, in Windows XP click “Remove” button related to it. In Windows Vista and 7 right-click related programs with the PC mouse and click “Uninstall / Change“.

Instructions for Windows 8 operating system:

  1. Move the PC mouse towards the top right hot corner of Windows 8 screen, click “Search“:
  2. Windows 8 search

  3. Type “Uninstall a program“, then click “Settings“:
  4. Uninstall a program in Windows 8

  5. In the left menu that has come up select “Uninstall a program“:
  6. Uninstall a program in Win 8

  7. Uninstall programs related to Lightning SpeedDial. To do it, in Windows 8 right-click them with the PC mouse and click “Uninstall / Change“.

However, after you uninstall these four programs from the Control Panel of your PC you still might see Lightning SpeedDial in your browser. You will need to check the Desktop icons of your browser infected with Lightning SpeedDial. Right-click the Desktop icon of your infected browser, click “Properties”, then check the destination path to the executable of your browser. It must not contain anything related to Lightning SpeedDial. If you see some additional links there, remove them. This video shows how to do it (on the example of Sweet-Page virus removal):

Please note that it is very important to check all Desktop and Start menu items related to your infected browser, and remove anything related to Lightning SpeedDial (through checking the properties of these items as explained above). Anyway, we hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have any problems please let us know.

Final, very important step to remove Lightning Speedial from your system.

  1. Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer through the download button below.
  2. Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer
  3. Install the program and scan your computer with it.
  4. At the end of scan click “Apply” to remove all infections associated with Lightning SpeedDial.
  5. Important! It is also necessary that you reset your browsers with GridinSoft Trojan Killer after Lightning SpeedDial removal. Shut down all your available browsers now.
  6. In GridinSoft Trojan Killer click “Tools” tab and select “Reset browser settings“:
  7. Reset Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers

  8. Select which particular browsers you want to be reset and choose the reset options:
  9. How to reset browser

  10. Click “Reset browser settings” button.
  11. You will receive the confirmation windows about browser settings reset successfully.
  12. Reboot your PC now.