Remove pop-up virus

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Mac computers are currently attacked by a new virus, which looks like a pop-up message from site. Typically it may appear out of the blue when your computer ins infected with some disgusting adware. What you are advised to do is to disregard the contents expressed by pop-ups. Instead, go ahead and continue following this removal guide. scam

Here is what pop-up mentions when it appears in your browser:

1853 New Threats Were Discovered Last Week!
Your computer might be exposed to one of these threats if your antivirus software is not up-to-date. Follow the instructions to protect your computer now.

According to our analysis, such pop-ups from site lead you to installation of MacKeeper software, which is quite a doubtful utility. It is not really a virus. Possibly it might be even helpful in some cases. But definitely it is wrong to spread it through such misleading pop-ups. Here is what you should to get rid of these alerts.

Detailed instructions to get rid of pop-ups from your Mac OS X browsers:

In case you’ve encountered this scam from website, don’t hurry up to listen to what it “recommends” you to do. Simply shut down this window. If you can’t do that, you might need to apply “Force Quit” command and stop the process of your browser. Use “Option – Command – Esc” hotkey for this purpose. Select your running browser and force quit it.

Force Quit command in Mac OS X

Finally, check your available applications in Mac computer. If you find anything suspicious, trash it. Also, disable and remove any third-party add-ons (extensions) from your browsers. In any case, do not trust the contents of this scary alert controlled by hackers.