Sweet-page.com free removal from all browsers

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Sweet-page.com site is malicious because of being related to a serious malware program that hijacks many browsers today. Of course, Internet Explorer is the most vunlerable browser which can be hijacked with sweet-page.com. However, if you have other browsers installed on your PC as well – they might also be infected with it. These instructions will help you get rid of sweet-page.com from your computer for free.

sweet-page.com virus

Sweet-page.com hijacker comes into PCs together with many other freeware programs which users often download and install from all kinds of online software download resources. So, if you are one of those users who actively downloads something obtained for free from online software download sites – please be careful when dealing with such applications. If you install them then make sure that you carefully read what exactly you’re installing together with the initial software of your choice. If you see any other program offered to be installed on a bundled basis – then make sure you choose the custom installation instead of the standard one.

Sweet-page.com hijacker appears on the startup page of your infected browser. So, when you turn your browser on to look for some information – you will see sweet-page.com as the home page of your browser. However, this hijacker doesn’t user its own search engine. It simply steals the information obtained from other search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Because of sweet-page.com presence on your computer the browser functions very slow. Plus, the hijacked home page as well as the search results may contain all sorts of annoying ads or sponsored links, which altogether may infect your PC considerably with all sorts of other potentially unwanted programs. Some of them can be very malicious and thus damage your system. These instructions below will help you get rid of sweet-page.com from your computer for free.

Sweet-page.com free removal steps:

  • Download Loaris Trojan Remover through this link – http://loaris.com/download.php?trojanremover. You need to copy and paste it into your browser and press “Enter” on your keyboard.
  • Install the program into your computer and run it.
  • Start your free 15-day full trial period of using Loaris Trojan Remover.
  • Scan your computer with Loaris and remove all detected infections associated with sweet-page.com malware by pressing “Remove selected” at the end of scan.
  • After removal of all threats click “Tools” and “Reset browser settings” in Loaris Trojan Remover.